There’s No Such Thing As “Being Lucky”

“You’re so lucky!” That sentence is very commonly spoken, yet extremely inaccurate. Unless, of course, you’re talking to someone who tripped and fell, and miraculously landed on a big cushion of money. Otherwise, the vast majority of the time it is not good luck, but good decision making that gets … Continue reading

Reduce Facebook Stress in 10 Minutes

Feeling stressed? Is it possible that, like mine was, your Facebook timeline is filled with things that make you feel like crud? The truth is, while there may be things we’re interested in, or even passionate about, being faced with them constantly may not be the healthiest thing. My Problem … Continue reading

Upcoming Live Event: Roanoke Valley Woman Expo

Just a few weeks away, I’m getting very excited about the upcoming Roanoke Valley Woman Expo Girls’ Night Out! I am honored to have been invited as a “featured celebrity,” (I know, right?!), presenting a fun, interactive talk, hosting a booth, giving away free books, and hopefully selling some books … Continue reading

Care About Books? You Can Help!

“If I read one more book riddled with errors, I’m going to go insane!” “I don’t understand how books are published in this condition.” “I want to support indie authors, but I can’t stand the errors anymore.” If any of the above are things you’ve thought or said, you are … Continue reading

Wine, Cheese & Books Night Out: NC

Who? YOU! And your friends, other fabulous people you will meet, and several popular authors! What? A night out to enjoy conversation, meet people, snack on cheese, enjoy plentiful wine, and perhaps discover some great new books! Where? Niche Wine Lounge, 109 N. Main St, Holly Springs, NC, 27540. (919)552-2300. … Continue reading

$100 Cash Giveaway

Have you heard of No?   Mothers Helping Others was created by Liz (Funny Postpartum Lady) and Tia (My Pleasant Nightmare) in hopes to create a safe environment for Moms to ask questions and receive support. Mothers face a tough time in today’s world being constantly judged by society. … Continue reading