Neighborhood Dog Problems

Well-behaved dogs can be enjoyable parts of the community. For example, friendly pets on leashes who accompany their families on after dinner walks are a pleasure to stop and pet. Sweet ones that frolic with children as they play in … Read More

Mailman Mystery

Dogs and mailmen. For many people, this instantly conjures up images of the traditional cartoon dog chasing the letter carrier down the street. Thankfully, most dogs don’t actually chase delivery people nearly as often as they do in cartoons, but … Read More

Excessive Barking in the Yard

Barking. It’s one of the things that dogs do. In fact, there are occasions when it’s a benefit to have a dog who barks. If there were a stranger entering your property or if something were genuinely amiss, a barking … Read More

Halloween Safety Tips For Dogs

Halloween can be a fun time of year for kids, adults, and even our pets. But just as we take safety measures with our children, it’s also important to do the same with our dogs and cats. Keep in mind … Read More

Walking Your Dog for Good Behavior

When most people think of walking their dog, they usually think of their dog or puppy “doing their business,” or simply getting some exercise. But there are many other, very important reasons to walk your dog, and you may be … Read More

Barking For Attention

What is it about the telephone that makes others want attention? Not only do children come running as if the phone is a magnet, and spouses often interject repeatedly, but many dogs bark for attention too! Whether it’s while you’re … Read More

Dog or Puppy’s Fear of Fireworks

As Independence Day approaches, many pet owners become concerned about their dog or puppy’s reaction to fireworks. While some pets may be completely unaffected, others can become downright traumatized! By understanding how dogs think and working on some simple training … Read More

Timid or Shy Dogs

Some dogs are boisterous, outgoing and brave. Others are more timid and shy. Just like people, each dog has their own personality. Sometimes these differences can be a matter of genetics (nature), or can be learned through their life experiences … Read More

Barking Dog Problems

Every pet owner realizes their dog will sometimes bark. In fact, most people even want their dog to bark if someone comes to the door, or if there’s an unusual noise. After all, these are some of the benefits of … Read More

Home Alone… Training Tips for Dog’s Separation Anxiety
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Separation anxiety is a problem wherein a dog is very anxious when left alone. Symptoms can include: whimpering, salivating, barking, housebreaking accidents, chewing, excessive licking, scratching or digging. Some dogs may even show symptoms when owners go into another room … Read More

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