Is Your Dog Ruining Your Yard?
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As spring warms the soil, our lawns, flowers, trees and bushes begin growing. It is at this time of year that many people work on sprucing things up to make their property look pretty. However, many dogs and puppies seem … Read More

Outdoor Doggy Destruction

Spring is here! Birds are chirping, squirrels are scampering and flowers are sprouting. It is at this time of year that many people feel it would be a shame for their dog to spend the day indoors while the family … Read More

Tips to Tame a Digging Dog
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While some dogs will dig at any time of year, digging is a problem which typically becomes more prevalent in warmer weather and/or during rainy seasons. With many smells beneath the surface, temptations of scampering squirrels and chirping birds, and … Read More

Keeping Muddy Paws Off Your Floors!
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Springtime in particular is a time of year when mud becomes an issue for many homes with dogs. Not only does the rain cause mud, but for our pets there are many new smells to explore on the ground. More … Read More

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