Momnesia Parties!

What in the world is a Momnesia Party, you ask?

With a name like that, it’s got to be good, and I am excited to tell you!

A Momnesia party is… well, whatever we want it to be!

Each event is customized to maximize fun for the participating group!

Examples of fun activities at “Momnesia” parties:

  • Giveaways: Depending on the size of the party, this might include big prizes like a Kindle or spa basket, or smaller but still fantastic prizes like “Momnesia” tees, mugs, shot glasses… even, um, “Momnesia: Find Balance” thong panties (for the right group)!
  • Fun & Feisty Chats: You’ll be amazed at how easily the party gets going, branching off of the theme of finding balance between “momminess” and “sexiness!” Women, men, young and old, have all gotten into chatting about the funny, (and sometimes un-funny) things that affect all of our lives!
  • Games: I’m always coming up with new games, but two of my favorites include “The White Elephant Diva” game and “You might have Momnesia if…” Either way, these games get the party started and usually result in hysterical laughter for all.
  • Literary Fun: Let’s not forget that “Momnesia” is a book! Some of the things I also do include fun twists on the traditional author event, such as:
    • Readings: Reading a favorite excerpt to the group is a great way to engage those who have already read the book, as well as intrigue those who haven’t yet!
    • Book Discussion: I’m a “heart-on-my-sleeve” type of gal and it shows in my discussions! I offer a candid view of my story inspirations, the realities of being an author, and when answering questions.
    • Sneak Previews: From my next book! I may read an excerpt, talk about a story line, or even hand out copies of a special page or two!
    • Book Signing: Of course, I am glad to sign any and all books that come across my path! Readers are given a free sticker they can affix to the cover that says, “This book is signed by the author!”
    • E-Book Signing: I haven’t forgotten about those readers who prefer to read on their special devices! Bring your Kindle, Nook, or other reader, or a receipt showing that you’ve purchased “Momnesia,” and I will give you a beautiful piece of signed stationery that was designed especially for my e-reader fans!
    • Distance Signing: Don’t have the opportunity to attend one of my events in person? Hosting a virtual event to which I’ll be attending via Skype? Don’t worry… I’ve got you covered! Show me your receipt/s and I’ll send you a signed bookplate (a beautiful sticker you affix inside the book) or an e-stationary signature too!
  • Publisher Perks: My publisher, Brickstone Publishing, also provides some great additions to all of my “Momnesia” events! Whether you’re a bookstore, book club, women’s group, wine bar, restaurant, art council, or any other type of “Momnesia” Partier, they offer the following to help make the event a success!
    • Free Chocolates!
    • Free Bookmarks!
    • Free Posters!
    • Publicity Assistance: If you’re having an event to which the public is invited and you’re looking to spread the word, they’ll send press releases to your local media, enter community event listings, contact local groups of interest, & more!

momnesia book cover

Would you like to plan a Momnesia Party for your business, club, or organization? Contact me and we’ll coordinate together to make it a fun, successful event!

I look forward to partying with you!


Lori Verni-Fogarsi (LoriTheAuthor)

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